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Welcome to the Autistic Film Critic!

My name is Georgia, I’m an undergraduate film student at Queen Mary University of London and I love film. I make films, I write about them too, and I’m hoping to one day work in the industry.

As you can probably gather from the name of my blog, yes, I am autistic. I have Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) which describes a vibrant plethora of experiences, from hypersensitivity in terms of sight, sound and touch, to a more systematic way of processing and interpreting art and information. All of this is pretty cool, but it does get hard and overwhelming, especially in a world where only neurotypical thinking is accepted, and unique perspectives are cast aside. I’ve always loved film for its versatility as an art form, and the extraordinary possibilities of individual expression. The experience of living with autism is hard to express, and so for me film seems to be the perfect medium for projecting our strange, beautiful and complex psychologies to audiences who are still trying to figure us out. The same goes for film criticism and analysis. Perhaps the way we view and digest films reflects our neurological makeup, and in turn opens up a fascinating dialogue on how those of us with autism process films differently, and what these perspectives can bring to the future of film.

This blog seeks to expand our diverse understanding of film and to view popular cinema through a different pair of eyes – one that welcomes more creative possibilities and wider means of expression. From avant-garde European cinema to popular modern box-office hits, every moving image is a mode of expression, and every one can be analysed as such. Legendary French film critic Alexandre Astruc expressed a “desire to transform the cinema and hasten the advent of an exciting future,” especially with the notion that cinema is capable of “expressing any kind of reality.” I believe that this rings true in the tumultuous cinematic landscape of the 21st Century, and that neourodiverse cinematic voices will be the ones to take the lead in driving the art of film forward.

Another thing I love is talking to people, sharing opinions on films, linking up with fellow filmmakers or just having a good old chat. So don’t hesitate to send me an email, or contact me on social media, I am always open to feedback or discussion. You’ve done well to read this far! Congratulations! I hope you will stick around to enjoy my blog and my short films.

– Georgia x 


email: autisticfilmcritic@georgiabradburn.com

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Taken in the courtyard of the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, next to the prints of one of my favourite stars